26th January 2020 -Stage 10. Riding Mill - Wylam

Spring Has Sprung!
A completely different day for us today. Phil couldn't join us for this stage so there was only Helen, Chance and myself. Rather than use our cars we opted to take advantage of the train service this time. As it was a Sunday there were fewer metros and trains running than normal so this journey had to be planned with military precision so as not to miss any connections.

Helen and I met on the metro in the Jarrow area at around 8AM and headed into Newcastle. We stopped off in Central station to buy a warm drink and some breakfast for the train ride. We got to our platform with ample time. There is only one train per hour heading to Riding Mill so we had to make sure we were on it.  Once onboard we tucked into our breakfast and enjoyed the views. I really enjoyed how relaxing the start of our day was, it's very rare I find time for breakfast.

The 30 minute journey got us into Riding mill for 9:15. We had looked at the book and noticed there was the choice of t…

5th January 2020 - Stage 9 (and a few miles of stage 10). Warden to Riding Mill

The Beginning of the End Today was a momentous day for us all, as we embarked on the first stage of the third and final section, our beloved, River Tyne. And there was no better way to start the walk then the short detour along the track that takes you to 'the meeting of the waters'.

There was a mixed bag of emotions as we stood and watched the River North Tyne over our left shoulder rushing along to meet the River South Tyne over our right. A beautiful spot and a memorable moment that only a few months ago felt so far, far away.
Chance enjoyed a quick paddle and a drink from both sides. (I wonder if they tasted different?)

As usual we had the use of 2 cars today. We had pre-planned to make a slight change to today's walk and rather than end our walk at Corbridge, we would carry on to Riding Mill, making today's walk 10 miles instead of 7, thus making the next section also 10 miles, rather than 13.
After our visit to the meeting of the waters, we headed back to the bri…

8th December 2019 - Stage 8. Haydon bridge to Warden

A Short Stage for Little Legs A combination of a few factors leads us to this relatively short blog entry for today's walk.
A lot of road walking, so not very much scenery. A dull day with only a few bright spells, so not many photos taken. And, a short walk in distance, so not that much to report!
We had an extra hiker with us today, my daughter, Rosie. Although she found it all a bit too much from quite early on, and spent most of the walk getting a piggy-back ride from me.

As usual we had the use of two cars. We left my car at the Boatside Inn in Warden and squeezed us all into Phil's car and set off to Haydon Bridge to start our walk.  It was quite a cold morning, but thankfully we were blessed with a dry day.

We set off at around 9am today. We didn't stop for a lunch break as we had a table booked at the Boatside Inn. The thought of a Sunday dinner kept us all going.

As previously mentioned, there was quite a bit of road walking on this section so not too much to see …

10th November 2019 - Stage 7. Haltwhistle to Haydon Bridge.

Another day out and another stage completed. 
A full squad and an early start again. We me at Hayden Bridge where we left my car before heading to Haltwhistle to start our walk.

This stage of the walk involved a lot of road walking, so not as many things to see today. 
Thankfully we were extremely lucky with the weather. The forecast earlier in the week had predicted a lot of rain but we were so grateful that we didn't see a drop! 
I had expected cold conditions so had wrapped up with many layers of thermals, hat, scarf etc but by the halfway point, most of these were off and in my bag. 

There had been a lot of rainfall throughout the week so the sections that weren't on the road were very muddy. 
We made it to Bardon Mill and decided to stop off for our lunch break and a cold pint. We opted to sit outside as it was such a lovely day, and we felt we were all far too muddy to go inside, especially the Hairy Hiker!

 After a quick lunch break we set off again.

As the bridge at All…

20th October 2019 - Stage 6. Alston to Haltwhistle

Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Autumn

A two month break from our walk and summer has since long gone.
On this stretch of the route we have been spoilt with some beautiful autumnal views. Our camera phones really don't do the colours justice.

We had a full squad today and the Hairy Hiker was joined by his trusty friends, Helen, Phil and myself.
We first met at Haltwhistle, where we left my car and piled into Phil's to drive over to our starting point in Alston. Luckily Phil made the wise choice of not parking in the train station car park, which closed at 5pm and instead parked on the road outside the cafe. We weren't back by 5pm so a very wise decision indeed!

 Whilst planning our day and reading the guide we quickly discovered there was an option to ride the narrow gauge railway from Alston. We all agreed this was an opportunity that couldn't be missed. Who doesn't love a ride on an old train?
We had a few different options of how far to travel on the train and …